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TNM is a token created in order to make life easier for airline miles holders by allowing them to convert their miles into cryptocurrency. Its main mission is to facilitate the conversion of miles into TNM, giving you more flexibility, while also simplifying the process (transfers, exchange opportunity, and the possibility of growth through TNM, among other benefits).


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TNM was created and developed by Lucas Alves - Founder of Money Dash and Money Tips, Humberto Bazilio - Founder of HBZ Holding and André Souza - CEO at Extreme Solutions based in Chicago IL. Motivated by thousands of people who saw their miles held hostage to business packages that forced you to make a renewal to avoid possible loss of benefits, the hegemony of these companies was observed leading to the dissatisfaction of many people who were harmed by these companies. Therefore, TNM was created.

A pioneer in the world of cryptocurrencies, we are the first token to convert miles into a cryptocurrency. We are developing our own exchange, where it will be possible to buy TNM and exchange your miles for our token. Following the attribution thought, we also seek partnerships with mileage companies, where in addition to attracting people who seek the decentralization of third parties, we also allocate those people who prefer intermediaries (companies). With this methodology, we would not affect mileage companies and we would still gain more recognition in the market.

TNM plans to be recognized internationally in 4 years as the revolution in the connection of miles and digital assets.

TNM was introduced into the Binance Blockchain and is protected by Tendermint byzantine-fault-tolerant (BFT) consensus mechanism.

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